Finding Your Space While Living With In Laws

Any girl, moving in with her in-laws post marriage would be confused at the thought of this. How will she and her husband manage to find their own space in a house with other people? I mean, wearing some fine clothes and putting on candles on the table for dinner while your in-laws sit there is just not going to be romantic. Heck! It’s just going to be plain weird. So how do you do this? Continue reading


Are We Judgmental When It Comes To Weddings?

If we head to a wedding in the west, you hear whispers like “Oh my god! She’s gorgeous!” as the bride gracefully walks down the aisle. And the emotions are similar throughout the ceremony and the event. But back here, in India, the scene is quite different. Judging the venue, the decorations, the food is one thing, but why do we go straight up towards judging the person? Continue reading

Going The Arranged Marriage Way?

So you have given the go ahead nod to having an arranged marriage. Congratulations on taking the big step. But this is just the first step. Times have changed drastically from when our parents were in a similar scenario as compared to today. Earlier, if the boy had a good family, a good salary and no bad habits, it was enough to say yes. But today, it really matters if you two are compatible as individuals or not.

So here are a few things you should keep in mind before jumping into making it official. Continue reading