Creche Vs. Home Nanny

A lot of women face the dilemma on how to look after a child while they work. The first two options that strike anyone’s minds are 1. Creche and 2.Babysitter / Nanny. Both these options have their own respective pros and cons. We have discussed a few below.

Social Interaction and Growth
At a creche, the child will learn to interact and play with other children of his age, thus helping him grow socially. The same cannot be said for the situation where in the child will be at home with a nanny. However, if the child is already going to school, parents who have chosen the nanny option can take solace in the fact that the child is indulging in social interactions at school.
In a creche,  specific activities are organised. The activities range from playing to drawing to even nap times. All these are instrumental in the growth of a child. Nannys in India will not be able to conduct such activities for the children at home.
Comfort Of Home
Who wouldn’t like to come home to the comfort of your own home? And the case isn’t too different with children. After a tiring day at school, they too, would be most comfortable at their own home.
Knowledge Of Schedule
At a creche, things are more professional. Specific schedules are followed which is made crystal clear to the parents. However, with a nanny, you may not always know what the child is up to. There have been many instances where the parents were told the kids were made to play, nap, etc, while in reality, they were just glued to the television.
Focus On The Child
At home, the sole focus on the nanny will be on the child. However, at a creche, the same attention is divided between a number of children.
Uneducated vs. Specialists
In India, educated or trained babysitters are a rare sight. We have aayas who are mostly uneducated and untrained. On the other hand , at creches, the staff is better trained. However, take nothing away from some aayas who are oh-so-good at their jobs. It’s just that it’s harder to find them these days.
At creches, because there are many children, room for flexibility is almost zero. On the other hand, such flexibility is very high when you have an at home nanny. Example: If the child wants to go for extra curricular classes 5-6pm, the nanny can easily take care of the child before that, take the child to the venue, bring him/her back and continue babysitting. On the other hand, such things are not feasible with creches.
Now that we have listed the crucial points, you can make a well informed decision for your child. And remember, each family’s scenario is different. So take a pick that would be best suited for you.

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