After The Big Yes

So you’ve put a ring on it! Congratulations!

sfp ring

Image Source: SimpleFreePhotos

Now what? Preparations for the wedding of course! But before you do that, we’re going to be a little bit of spoilt sports and tell you to take a some time out and talk. Talk about what you ask? Here goes the list:

Finances – People grow up differently. Some families share the money in one joint account. Some families, the mom and dad have separate accounts and separate finances. Discuss how you two want to manage your finances. We know you’re happy and this is the last thing you want to talk about, but it’s important.

Having Kids – You don’t want to land up in a situation where one of you wants a kid 2 years down the line and the other one is just not ready. Or worse, one of you does not want a kid all together. We’re not saying that you decide and come to a mutual conclusion as to when you’ll have kids, but just talk and make sure you are aware of each other’s stand on the topic.

Raising Kids – This s very important if both of you come from different backgrounds or mindsets. Language, tradition, religion, spirituality, all this needs to be discussed.

Families And Their Roles- Traditionally, the girl leaves her family and gets into a new one. The boy’s family. But over the years, this has changed drastically. While earlier, she would treat her new family as the primary one, that is no longer the case. Women today treat there families as primary as the boy’s family and sadly, there are some men who just cannot get on board with on it. Discuss and make sure all is in the open.

Taking Care Of Families – These days women too, have taken on the responsibility of taking care of her aged parents, be it financially or otherwise. Discuss the same. What happens when her parents are aged and living by themselves. Women, put your thoughts forward and be clear where you stand.

Name Change – It’s fine if you’re changing your name to your fiance’s last name. But in case you’re planning or thinking of skipping this and sticking to your maiden name, it’s better to keep him in the loop.

Wedding Monies – Who will pay for what? Traditionally, it was the girl’s side who paid for the entire wedding. But these days, many prefer to host the wedding together and split the costs. Speak about this before you get started. You don’t want to be halfway through planning the wedding only to find out your to-be-groom is planing to attend his wedding like a guest.

Sexual Issues – So if you have have had sexual relations before the wedding already, it’s easier. And maybe even nothing much to talk about. But if you haven’t, it’s important to speak about it. Any history of STDs, any health concerns, or anything that is not so usual.

So here, we have just covered some of the bases. Each couple is in a unique situations, so don’t forget to do a quick check whether you need to discuss any more things. And good luck and enjoy being engaged!


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