Finding Your Space While Living With In Laws

Any girl, moving in with her in-laws post marriage would be confused at the thought of this. How will she and her husband manage to find their own space in a house with other people? I mean, wearing some fine clothes and putting on candles on the table for dinner while your in-laws sit there is just not going to be romantic. Heck! It’s just going to be plain weird. So how do you do this?

The answer to that questions is your bedroom. Your bedroom will be your little private corner. And if you do it right, it can be an entire world! Read on to know how.

1. Decor – Put in some time and effort to make the space that you both will love. A space that you both would want to spend time in. Don’t just merely put in a bed and paint the walls some random colour. Make the space such, that you would look forward to spending time in your bedroom without feeling restricted.

2. Think Beyond The Bed – How about a small table with two chairs? Or two bean bags. Or a floor mat with a table? Now imagine on some days, having your morning tea on that small table in your room. Or having a bottle of wine while chilling on the floor mat and talking?

3. Entertainment – A TV means both you can cuddle up on nights and watch movies together. And on Friday nights, even go on a whole movie marathon. A music system to ensure there are always songs available for you two to slow dance to. A gaming console would mean you both can plan a variety of games together, from T.T to Bowling to whatever you prefer. If your room is pretty big, you can even look beyond the electronic entertainment and think of something along the lines of a fooseball table.

4. The Bathroom – If done rightly, it can turn into something very interesting. Get a bigger than usual tub. Invest in some good lights. Have a range of bubble baths. And on days you both have had it rough, slip into a nice, long, hot bubble bath together.

5. F&B Stocking Space – Imagine both of you are sitting in your room, sipping on some cocktails and having a very blissful conversation together, completely engrossed and then one of you gets hungry. Running to the kitchen itself might just be a mood killer but imagine if that wakes up your MIL! She would be the last person you would want to run into in such a mood and situation. So stock up your room with food and beverages.

So there you have it! Some ideas to make your little bedroom, your own private world. Do you have any new ideas? Do mail us at if you do!


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