Opinion: Is The Concept Of Kanyadaan Outdated?

This article contains the views of a single person. It is therefore written in first person.

I always knew about the ritual of kanyadaan in Hindu weddings and never really paid much attention to it. Until one day a train of thought led me to dig deeper and think and understand what is this really about?

If I were to understand it simply, it is the donation of your daughter. Kanya – Girl and Daan – Donation.

But to understand it better, here’s a line that explains it well: The father gives away his daughter as it is the best gift he can give to the groom, who at that time, is considered as a avatar of Lord Vishnu. Continue reading


Even God Only Helps Those Who Help Themselves

This article is for those countless number of women in abusive marriages. Those who suffer everyday at the hand of either their in-laws or their husbands. Those who want a way out, but don’t see one. Or are too scared. Or just don’t know how to deal with it. They take the abuses, the beatings but don’t have enough will power to get up and walk out.

They search high and low for help. Speak to various people. Read very many articles online, but in the end, don’t budge from their current positions.

People can tell you, advise you, support you, interfere to a certain extent, but at the end of the day, no one will do it for you. It is you who will have to speak up. And stand by for what’s right.

How will people help you if you, yourself do not take the first step. Because nothing can be done unless you don’t take that first step.

Because remember, even god only helps those who help themselves.

All the best!

Inside A Possessive Relationship

From the outside, he seems modern, progressive and overall, pretty chilled out. But few know the man he would turn into when he slips into the role of a boyfriend (and in many cases, husband).

In fact, many girls don’t even realize what happens when they get into the relationship. Suddenly, he stops liking your guy friends, doesn’t like you going out without him, doesn’t like you drinking without him, the dress is too short now, and so on and so forth.

So how, and why, is it that this educated, modern girl puts up with such a partner? Continue reading