9 Ways To Get Your Body Ready For Pregnancy

Are you planning a baby in the near future? Here are a few ways to get your body ready before jumping straight in.

1. A Doctor Visit – Honestly, this is quite important. The doctor will do a thorough check up and get you tested for various things and in general see if there is any chance for a complication. And if yes, how to deal with it before hand and in a manner well planned. The doctor will also check for things like high BP, Diabetes and other such conditions to get them in control before you get pregnant.

2. Dentist Visit – Dentist? Really? Yes. There are many researched that link a good oral health to a healthy pregnancy. Get you teeth checked, cleaned, scaled. During pregnancy, the crazy hormones can cause gums to swell and bleed. And plaque around your teeth add to it. So clean teeth is definitely a must do.

3. Roll Your Sleeve Up – Because it’s time to get up to date with you immunizations. Diseases increase the risk of miscarriage so it’s better to check get yourself vaccinated before you get pregnant.

4. Cut Down On Alcohol And No Smoking – If you are an occasional drinker, it’s still okay. But if you do drink 3 to 4 times a week, it’s better to cut down to start prepping your body. And if you are a smoker, stop now so that you give some time to your body to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

5. Cut Down On Caffeine – Again, if it’s one to two cups a day, it’s still okay (though it’s better to consult your doctor on this one). But if you do need coffee once in the morning, once after lunch, once post lunch, once in the evening, it’s perhaps time to cut back.

6. Get Fit – If you are overweight, it’s better to trim down ¬†little. Your body is going to be constantly carrying a weight. This can result in severe leg and back pain. Strengthen your muscles and bones and body to prepare for the baby.

7. Take Your Vitamins РMany doctors recommend women take folic acid supplements before getting pregnant. Consult your doctor about this and see if there are more  vitamins you should be taking.

8. Check Your Medicines – If you are on any medication, it’s better to run them by your doctor as many of these may not be recommended during pregnancy.

9. Start Eating Healthy – Eat a lot of greens, fruits, vegetables. This will ensure you get a lot of nutrients before you take the big leap.

Good luck!


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